5 Tips to Avoid Fatal Falls in Construction (PPPM)

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5 tips avoiding fatal falls constructionA PowerPak Power-Minute Article

Fatal Falls on Site: The #1 Killer

Falls top the list of OSHA’s industry-famous fatal-four:

  • Falls
  • Struck by object
  • Electrocution
  • Caught in/between

If you’re in the construction industry, in any capacity, working at heights may be inevitable.


Before the List – the Obvious: PFAS premium grade fall protection

Personal fall arrest systems should be a given, and therefore are too obvious to be on the list.

However, if you’re working at heights more than 6 feet off the ground, use a personal fall arrest system!


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Personal fall arrest systems include supplies such as:

5 Tips for Preventing Fatal Falls on Site


1. Controls

You should always be doing inspections of the site, but in particular, if you know there is a hazardous area, take precautionary action. Implement controls such as

2. Eyes

Use extra eyes whenever possible.

If you are moving equipment that requires a lift, the risk of an accident goes up.

Designate an individual to be the spotter of any terrain-related conditions that could cause problems.


3. Traning, Training, Training
fall protection experts

PowerPak’s  completes another Fall Prevention training

Completing the proper fall protection training is essential before working at heights.

These pieces of training include best practices, recognizing hazards, risk assessments and more.




4. Covering Holes

If working near a manhole – or any floor opening – ensure there is an appropriate cover.

Ideally, the cover should be color-coded and extremely easy to see. Label the cover.

Working near manholes particularly, use the proper safety equipment, such as a rail system.


5. Analyzing Risk

It was already alluded to, but having a competent person complete a site analysis before beginning work is mandatory.

There should also be a safety plan in place that workers are familiar with and can follow in times of need.



Falls are the leader among construction site safety threats, but most are preventable.

Apply these tips and keep visiting our blog for more news, info, and insights.