5 Products to Help Construction Workers Handle Winter Weather

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The leaves are changing color, school is back in session and the temperatures are getting a little chillier. All of these are signs that fall is here and winter is only a few months away.

For most of us, fall means pumpkin everything, sweaters every day and the return of our favorite shows on network television. If you work indoor at an office job like some of us do, you probably aren’t too affected by the weather besides the inconvenience.

But as a construction worker, you need to be prepared for all elements. The fall typically brings a bit of cold weather and rain. Given that construction projects continue regardless of rain or shine, having the right equipment is crucial to getting the job done.

Here are some of our recommendations for products that could keep you warm and dry during construction projects:

Bomber jacket – A good bomber jacket is first and foremost waterproof. Bomber jackets are best used for protecting yourself from rain as they have the same material that are in rain jackets and usually have a fleece liner. It also needs to have reflective tape as it’s often difficult to see on the road when it’s raining, so this helps drivers see where you are.

Raincoat – If the weather is warmer and you’re expecting a sun shower, consider going with a lighter, raincoat or rainsuit. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you could use two- or three-piece rain gear to keep yourself completely protected without getting too warm. If you need more protection, consider rain pants that are waterproofed or use different types of hoods. For inclimate weather, getting something that keeps you comfortable works well can make a big difference in making the job easier.

Slush boots – Everyone likes to see the snow fall, but the slush afterwards is never any fun. Whether you’re working in rain, snow or simply a muddy situation, slush boots make it easy for you to move around and protect your feet from the elements. They’re generally easy to put on and take off and are comfortable for standing on your feet for hours at a time.

Ice cleats – Injuries are the last thing you want to deal with on the job and unfortunately, it’s easy to slip and fall when you’re dealing with an icy construction site. Cleats are the perfect winter solution for ensuring you can walk on snow and ice without losing your balance. Good winter cleats need to have traction that allows you to walk naturally. Even if you aren’t one to slip and fall easily, just by compensating your posture to help you balance can impact you long term, leading to unnecessary aches and pains. Cleats are great for preventative measures.

Hard hat winter liner – Hard hats are critical to staying safe when working on any projects. However, a problem that often occurs on the job is that the construction worker still feels cold because of the material. While hard hats do a great job of keeping construction workers safe, frigid weather will make it difficult to get the job done comfortably. A winter liner can help solve that problem by fitting under hard hats that protect your ears and cheeks. The ideal liner will also have pockets so it’s easy to add warming packs to them.

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